How Healthy is Your Sex Life?
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  • Low/No Sexual Desire or Difficulty with Orgasm
  • Painful Intercourse or Penetration
  • Sexual Inhibitions & Shame
  • Resuming Sex after Cancer Treatment
  • Exploring Fantasies, Kink or Alternative Lifestyles
  • Male issues- Difficulty with arousal, ejaculation and erections 
  • Concerns around sexual orientation or gender
  • Couples with differing sexual styles
  • Partners with Disabilities
Common Sexual Issues I Can Help You With:
As a board certified sex therapist and relationship coach, I have the expertise to help you with your sexual concerns. Many people feel intimidated or shy to begin addressing such personal issues, but my clients tell me that my directness and easy manner help them feel more comfortable very quickly. I provide  an affirmative, sex-positive, and non-shaming perspective to help you work on your sexual intimacy, sexual concerns or just to have a healthier sex life in general. 

Sex therapy is like all other psychotherapy: we talk about what’s happening with you. We will look at your entire picture- physical/biological, emotional, psychological, and emotional aspects of your sexual health. 

I counsel both individuals and couples, and welcome all genders, ages, sexual orientations, relationship structures and lifestyles. My practice is LGBT friendly.

If you are not completely satisfied with your current sexual situation, I encourage you to give me a call at 505-974-0104 or email me at
Are you looking for a more exciting and pleasurable sex life?

Having problems with sex due to aging, chronic illness, medical issues or a disability?

Wondering about adding some spice to your existing relationship?

Why not work with an expert to create the best, most intimate and passionate relationship possible?
Kelly ChicasMS, LPCC, NCC, CRS, CST
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